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We want to be your number-one source for all Tomball, The Woodlands,  Magnolia, Humble, Atascocita, and Kingwood plumbing repairs. With over 45 years of combined experience, Texas Star Plumbers has the knowledge and professionalism you need to tackle any plumbing job. All of our licensed technicians offer quality repair and maintenance that you simply can’t find elsewhere, all from a local company that really cares.

best plumbing services
best plumbing services

Leak Detection & Repair

Texas Star Plumbers can find and fix any leak, and stop them at the source. Whether inside or outside, our licensed technicians know how to root out a leak where it’s really happening and stop that headache for you. Many things can cause a slow or frequent leak, including broken or corroded pipes, old seals, clogs, stoppages, sewer line problems, backflow problems, old fixtures, and more.

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Water & Drain Piping Repairs

Old pipes can be a hassle to replace, and it’s a project you shouldn’t have to handle alone. We cover water and drain piping repairs as well as installation, whether you need a new filtration system for your home or you want to fix an existing system. Your family deserves clean running water and we are happy to provide that for you.

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Backflow & Pressure Reducer Valves (PRV)

It’s important that your family have access to clean, uncontaminated drinking water. The way to ensure that is to make sure that your PRVs are in working order and that any backflow is being prevented. PRVs are also called water pressure regulators, which automatically reduce high water pressure from city mains to provide a more functional pressure for…

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Plumbing Fixture Installation

There are many plumbing fixtures in the average home that can be a headache to install by yourself. Texas Star Plumbers can install and maintain these fixtures, including drains, showers, toilets, heaters, and more.

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Toilet Replacement & Repairs

Are you looking to repair your old toilet or replace it entirely? Whether you need a new toilet installed in your main bathroom, guest bathroom, or elsewhere, we have you covered. Our toilet replacement and repair services can meet any budget, and we can also check your plumbing to ensure everything is flowing smoothly.

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Drain Clog Clearing and jetting

A clogged drain can be a nightmare no matter where it is in your home. Minor drain clogs can be an inconvenience, but major drain clogs can detrimentally affect your quality of life. By using a snake or sewer jetter, our licensed technicians can clear any drain clog and take any steps to reduce or prevent future clogs.

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